In a first page article, marketwatch writes "On the brink of a meltdown".
It further states (fear and hope organization is ours!):

1. The fear part: "The global financial system is on the brink of a meltdown and additional steps must be taken immediately by the richest nations to calm jittery bankers and investors, the IMF warns.

2. The hope part: "IMF confident governments will act in time to avert crisis"

But what is the real truth?

According to this modest blog, our previoous post announced that the stock market has bottomed, and all the actions are really not needed. It is too late. All what is needed is a new legislation to make sure that crooks will not come back in the future and do what they have done: writing insurances, and providing credit with nothing or little to back these obligations. It is not average subprime Joe who caused this (I want to make sure that you understand that average Joe subprime borrower is JUST the scape goat).

If you want to receive a report on the real reasons (with causes and effects in chain reaction) for this mess, email us at marketwarnings (at) gmail (dot) com ,
and we will send it to you. You will then understand the whole "scam" better than 99% of the people on the planet, and use this information to take care of your financial situation.


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