This is a stock market call for those who make execute trading orders during the day. For those who can buy only at close of day, a stock market bottom call was made yesterday, as we predict the stock market to finish in the green today Friday Nov. 21, 2008. Expect a rally to come out of nowhere later today, even the market is red and gloomy as we write this post.

The market call is as follows. Ddow spx stock market bottom November 21, 2008:

At 11:07AM, spx (sp500 index) is at 741, djia (dow index) is at 7445.

Our analysis is telling us that this is the bottom!

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  1. Veronica  

    November 22, 2008 at 9:42 AM

    wow that is some amazing insight. Are you psychic? That is amazing. Why don't you give me some lottery numbers while you are at it.

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