spx qqqq dow dia sp500 trading price prediction (profit taking):

On Friday November 21, 2008, we made a stock market call to buy the bottom. It was the absolute bottom (read post of Friday).

Today is Wednesday Nov. 26, 2008. We are making the following call:

At 12:57PM: we are make a call to take your profits off and consider scaling in a short market position with a size equal to a quarter of the size you have used for your long position of last Friday.

Market is currently at following levels: Nasdaq-100 (1176), Sp500 872 , Dow index at 8599.

The Friday bottom call was correct, and has led to 17% return for SP500. The returns are higher for the other indices as they are more volatile. We will do the calculation for the other indices later, as we are now busy with the market.

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To your profits!


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