In the 2000 Tech dotcom bubble, tech stocks fell duing July 2000 to April 2001, by 62%. ( - 62% in 9 months)

Now look at the commodity stocks performance from July 08 to November December 08 (4 to 5 months). From the highs to the lows during this period, we have the following:

RJI Commodity ETF: -57%
GSG Commodity ETF: -61%

OIH Oil Service ETF: -71%
XLE Energy ETF: -66%
XME Metals & Mining ETF: -82%
MOO Agribusiness ETF: -70%
GDX Gold Miners ETF: -70%

The commodity stocks have fallen more than 60% in half the time the tech stocks have fallen.

The 2000 tech crash is regarded in people's mind as the worst crash ever. Well it is not anymore, the commodity stocks have broken that record, and did it even in just half the time!

The worst drive in history!

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