As we noted in another post on this stock market site, when stock investors buy stock shares in their brokerage account, the stock shares are typically held under what is termed as street name, which makes the job of settlement of stock share transactions much easier, fast and efficient (compared for instance to a situation where stock buyers would hold stock shares in their safe boxes).

Stock brokers may lend shares to stock market participants that speculate on a decrease in the price of a stock. These latter stock market participants are called short sellers. (They sell stock first, and buy the stock later). This is known as short selling. Since short sellers do not have the shares to sell short stock, they borrow them. Depending on the demand and supply of shares available for shorting, short sellers may be charged a rate to short the shares of a stock, in addition to any other possible carry costs. Certain stocks in the list below show an indicate short selling rate between 15% and 100% as of recently. These rates change of course, and could go up and down, like any other market determined price.

The price direction of the stock is as always unknown and random. The price direction is a risk that both the owners of a stock shares and the short sellers take. The brokerage firms however make money from the cost involved in lending a share from a stock owner and to a short sellers. So such stocks could be hot for stock brokers who do not take price risk, but are risky for both share owners and short sellers as stock prices are generally random.

ABCW USD Anchor Bancorp Wisconsin Inc
ABK USD Ambac Financial Group Inc
ACH USD Aluminum Corp of China Ltd
ACUR USD Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc
ADGE USD American DG Energy Inc
ADMP USD Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp
ADY USD American Dairy Inc
AEHI USD Alternate Energy Holdings Inc
AGC USD Advent Claymore Global Convertible Securities & Income Fund
AMFIQ USD Amcore Financial Inc
ANX USD ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Inc
AONE USD A123 Systems Inc
APRI USD Apricus Biosciences Inc
ARTX USD Arotech Corp
ASFN USD Atlantic Southern Financial Group Inc
ASTI USD Ascent Solar Technologies Inc
AUBN USD Auburn National Bancorporation Inc
AWBC USD AmericanWest Bancorp
AWSL USD Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc
BBN USD BlackRock Build America Bond Trust
BHK USD Blackrock Core Bond Trust
BJZ USD BlackRock California Municipal 2018 Term Trust
BKUNQ USD BankUnited Financial Corp
BOFL USD Bank of Florida Corp
BPT USD BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust
BQR USD BlackRock EcoSolutions Investment Trust
BTIM USD Biotime Inc
BVSN USD BroadVision Inc
CACB USD Cascade Bancorp
CAGC USD China Agritech Inc
CALL USD Vocaltec Communications Ltd
CASB USD Cascade Financial Corp
CBC USD Capitol Bancorp Ltd
CCHJW USD Charter Communications Inc
CEM USD ClearBridge Energy MLP Fund Inc
CFSG USD China Fire & Security Group Inc
CGA USD China Green Agriculture Inc
CHBT USD China-Biotics Inc
CHLN USD China Housing & Land Development Inc
CHNG USD China Natural Gas Inc
CHNR USD China Natural Resources Inc
CHW USD Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
CIGX USD Star Scientific Inc
CIIC USD China Infrastructure Investment Corp
CKNWF USD Cell Kinetics Ltd
CLM USD Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc
CNRD USD Conrad Industries Inc
COIN USD Converted Organics Inc
CONN USD Conn's Inc
CPF USD Central Pacific Financial Corp
CPSL USD China Precision Steel Inc
CRF USD Cornerstone Total Return Fund Inc
CRWG USD CrowdGather Inc
CTBK USD City Bank-Lynnwood WA
CTDC USD China Technology Development Group Corp
CTIC USD Cell Therapeutics Inc
CTNI USD Citron Inc
CXM USD Cardium Therapeutics Inc
DARA USD DARA Biosciences Inc
DCS USD Claymore Dividend & Income Fund
DEAR USD Dearborn Bancorp Inc
DEER USD Deer Consumer Products Inc
DEX USD Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend And Income Fund
DMF USD Dreyfus Municipal Income Inc
EAD USD Evergreen Income Advantage Fund
ED PRA USD Consolidated Edison Co of New York Inc
EDMC USD Education Management Corp
EGAS USD Gas Natural Inc
EHI USD Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc
EMIS USD Emisphere Technologies Inc
ENCO USD Encorium Group Inc
ENTN USD Entorian Technologies Inc
EPCT USD EpiCept Corp
EQS USD Equus Total Return Inc
ESPH USD Ecosphere Technologies Inc
ETY USD Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund
EUBK USD EuroBancshares Inc
EVY USD Eaton Vance New York Municipal Income Trust
FAV USD First Trust Active Dividend Income Fund
FFEDQ USD FirstFed Financial Corp
FLC USD Flaherty & Crumrine-Claymore Total Return Fund Inc
FMCCJ USD Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
FMCKI USD Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
FNBN USD FNB United Corp
FNMA USD Federal National Mortgage Association
FSNM USD First State Bancorporation-NM
FTBK USD Frontier Financial Corp
FTK USD Flotek Industries Inc
FTLK USD Funtalk China Holdings Ltd
FTMDF USD Fortune Minerals Ltd
GAM USD General American Investors Co Inc
GAP USD Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co
GCBC USD Greene County Bancorp Inc
GCH USD Greater China Fund Inc-The
GETA USD Genta Inc
GGR USD GeoGlobal Resources Inc
GGT USD Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust Inc
GMXR PR USD GMX Resources Inc
GRNB USD Green Bankshares Inc
GWF USD Wells Fargo Capital VIII
HAUP USD Hauppauge Digital Inc
HAV USD Helios Advantage Income Fund Inc
HDY USD Hyperdynamics Corp
HEV USD Ener1 Inc
HIH USD Helios High Income Fund Inc
HLCS USD Helicos BioSciences Corp
HMPR USD Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc
HOKU USD Hoku Corp
HSA USD Helios Strategic Income Fund Inc
HSWI USD HSW International Inc
IAF USD Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund Inc
IBNK USD Integra Bank Corp
ICB USD Morgan Stanley Income Securities Inc
IFLG USD InfoLogix Inc
IPAH USD Interpharm Holdings Inc
IPL PRC USD Interstate Power & Light Co
ISRL USD Isramco Inc
JDD USD Nuveen Diversified Dividend and Income Fund
JERT USD JER Investors Trust Inc
JLS USD Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund
JQC USD Nuveen Multi-Strategy Income and Growth Fund 2
KNDI USD Kandi Technolgies Corp
KYN USD Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Co
LPHI USD Life Partners Holdings Inc
LTUM USD Lithium Corp
MCBC USD Macatawa Bank Corp
MFV USD MFS Special Value Trust
MILL USD Miller Petroleum Inc
MIPI USD Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals Inc
MMT USD MFS Multimarket Income Trust
MRNA USD Marina Biotech Inc
MTR USD Mesa Royalty Trust
MUI USD BlackRock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc
MVGRQ USD Movie Gallery Inc
MVIS USD Microvision Inc
MVT USD BlackRock MuniVest Fund II Inc
MYF USD BlackRock MuniYield Investment Fund
NAI USD Nicholas-Applegate International & Premium Strategy Fund
NBB USD Nuveen Build American Bond Term Fund
NEA USD Nuveen Insured Tax-Free Advantage Municipal Fund
NEV USD Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund
NIE USD Nicholas-Applegate Equity & Convertible Income Fund
NII USD Nuveen North Carolina Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund 3
NKL USD Nuveen Insured California Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund
NMP USD Nuveen Michigan Premium Income Fund
NNVC USD NanoViricides Inc
NOVS USD Novastar Financial Inc
NOVSP USD Novastar Financial Inc
NUO USD Nuveen Ohio Quality Income Municipal Fund
NXC USD Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
NXM USD Nuveen Pennsylvania Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund
NXP USD Nuveen Select Tax Free
OHBIQ USD Orleans Homebuilders Inc
ONTY USD Oncothyreon Inc
OPXA USD Opexa Therapeutics Inc
OREX USD Orexigen Therapeutics Inc
ORH PRACL USD Odyssey Re Holdings Corp
OSBC USD Old Second Bancorp Inc
PABK USD PAB Bankshares Inc
PCBS USD Provident Community Bancshares Inc
PCN USD PIMCO Corporate Income Fund
PEIX USD Pacific Ethanol Inc
PFED USD Park Bancorp Inc
PFL USD PIMCO Income Strategy Fund
PFN USD PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II
PFO USD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund
PLM USD Polymet Mining Corp
PML USD PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II
PNBC USD Princeton National Bancorp Inc
PRWP USD Pro-Pharmaceuticals Inc
PRWT USD Premierwest Bancorp
PSA PRBCL USD Public Storage
PZG USD Paramount Gold and Silver Corp
QNST USD QuinStreet Inc
RBCN USD Rubicon Technology Inc
RDMX USD RMX Holdings Inc
REE USD Rare Element Resources Ltd
RINO USD RINO International Corp
ROYL USD Royale Energy Inc
RPC USD Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp
RPTP USD Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp
SCOK USD SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries Inc
SERV USD Servidyne Inc
SGAPY USD Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
SGF USD Singapore Fund Inc-The
SGS USD Stream Global Services Inc
SHLD USD Sears Holdings Corp
SILA USD Gold American Mining Corp
SIX USD Six Flags Entertainment Corp
SJR USD Shaw Communications Inc
SNIC USD Sonic Solutions Inc
SNSS USD Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc
SNT USD Senesco Technologies Inc
STSA USD Sterling Financial Corp-WA
SUF USD Sulphco Inc
TGIC USD Triad Guaranty Inc
TIBB USD TIB Financial Corp
TIV USD Tri-Valley Corp
TSLA USD Tesla Motors Inc
TSTC USD Telestone Technologies Corp
TVC USD Tennessee Valley Authority
TYG USD Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp
UBFO USD United Security Bancshares-Fresno CA
UNIS USD Unilife Corp
URZ USD Uranerz Energy Corp
UTG USD Reaves Utility Income Fund
VHC USD VirnetX Holding Corp
VLNC USD Valence Technology Inc
VRNM USD Verenium Corp
VYOG USD Voyager Oil & Gas Inc
WAMKQ USD Washington Mutual Inc
WEMU USD Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA Inc
WGAT USD Worldgate Communications
WHCI USD W Holding Co Inc
ZN USD Zion Oil & Gas Inc


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