Today is October 15, and the time is around 3:00PM. The stock market is trading close to its high, but are things really as good as they might look?

The dollar weakened yesterday, but it stopped weakening as it got closer to its recent lows. This action ca be bearish for the stock market. The stock market gapped up this morning, but overall stocks have not yet claimed back the open prices
In conjunction with the dollar, the stock market upside seems to be limited.

The dollar lows are roughly 1% away, and the sp500 is roughly within 1% of its april highs. The picture depicts a possible stock market retreat, and a rise in the US dollar. In addition, the stock and dollar price window of 1% suggest a possible change around the corner.

It might be time to study what smart money in the stock market might be planning to do by analyzing the stocks that trade at high volume. The higher trading volume in such stocks can help the more skilled and informed stock market participants to hedge their positions in stocks that trade at lesser volume. Below is a list of stocks that are leading the stock market in trading volume.

Is the smart money leaving clues and traces of its moves in these stocks?


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