Below is a list of actively traded stocks on TSX. Actively traded stocks are liquid which may attract well-capitalized smart money. It then makes it potentially useful to analyze the trading volume to detect any insight of what smart money's next moves might be. Are they distributing stocks, are the accumulating, are they marking up or down the stocks are example of questions that may be addressed using trading volume.

Eastern Platinum Ltd. (TSX:ELR). Miner.
Kinross Gold Corp. (TSX:K). Miner.

Great Basin Gold Ltd. (TSX:GBG). Miner.

Yamana Gold Inc. (TSX:YRI). Miner.

Alexis Minerals Corp. (TSX:AMC). Miner.

Farallon Mining Ltd. (TSX:FAN). Miner.

Alange Energy Corp. (TSXV:ALE). Oil and gas.

Tribute Resources Inc. (TSXV:TRB). Oil and gas


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