Below is a list of stocks with relatively significant short carry cost. In is an explanation related to the carry cost of short stock position which was given in another post. Some excerpts:

"When stock investors buy a stock in their brokerage account, the stock shares are typically held under what is termed as street name, which makes the job of settlement of stock share transactions much easier, fast and efficient (compared for instance to a situation where stock buyers would hold stock shares in their safe boxes).

In addition, stock brokers may lend shares to stock market participants that speculate on a decrease in the price of a stock. These latter stock market participants are called short sellers. (They sell stock first, and buy the stock later). This is known as short selling. Since short sellers do not have the shares to sell short stock, they borrow them. If the demand to sell short shares of a stock is higher, short sellers may be charged a rate which can be very high depending on the stock and the demand for to borrow shares for shorting.

How much could a short seller pay to short shares of a stock? This is generally known as indicate short selling rate. The indicative rates for some stocks can be much higher than the interest rates on cash (which is currently at 0.25%). Certain stocks in the list below have an indicate short selling rate with is close to 100%.
The reason for the rates to be high could vary, but the main point is that they can be high (see list below).


The number to the right on the list of stocks below is an indicate rate that stock brokers may charge a short sellers. The rates change because it is a market like all other markets, and prices for shorting shares change as well.

BES NYESA Valores Corp SA -26.82
GLJ Grenkeleasing AG -26.55
ESK Esker SA -21.15
IKB IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG -21.15
SLR Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente SA -15.75
BHGG BH Global Ltd -13.94
SPS Service Point Solutions SA -13.29
PRS Promotora de Informaciones SA -12.84
SOS SOS Cuetara SA -12.64
SWV Solarworld AG -12.43
CEP1 Cell Therapeutics Inc -11.42
AST Quabit Inmobiliaria SA -10.48
NOV ANovo -10.48
T3C Thielert AG -10.48
UBS Urbas Guadahermosa SA -10.48
URA Uralita SA -10.48
DGI Dogi International Fabrics SA -10.35
USE Beate Uhse AG -10.35
MLTEO Theolia SA -9.94
MXP Max Petroleum Plc -9.62
CGY Conergy AG -8.9
VER Vernalis PLC -8.86
BHGLU BH Global Ltd -8.81
SOO1 Solon SE -8.73
AB1 Air Berlin PLC -8.71
BHMG BH Macro Ltd -8.53
AIE Anite PLC -8.4
CAU Centaur Media PLC -8.4
CSRT Consort Medical PLC -8.4
FWEB Fiberweb PLC -8.4
IGRE ING Global Real Estate Secs Ltd -8.4
SHRS Shires Income PLC -8.4
SIV St Ives Group PLC -8.4
OPTI Option NV -8.32
LAC LaCie SA -8.19
OPN Groupe Open -8.19
TAM Etam Developpement SA -7.38
SYV Sacyr Vallehermoso SA -7.24
BME Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles SA -7.2
ENO Elecnor SA -6.61
SNC Sociedad Nacional de Industrias Apicaciones Celulosa Espanola SA -6.57
TOM2 TomTom NV -6.56
MVC Metrovacesa SA -6.53
IPT ISIS Property Ltd -6.37
OCDO Ocado Group PLC -6.37
SOI Schroder Oriental Income Fund Ltd -6.37
TCSC Town Centre Securities PLC -6.37
GDWN Goodwin PLC -6.24
AXS Accsys Technologies PLC -6.16
TMS.OLD Technicolor -6.16
VLG Vueling Airlines SA -6.07
CBAV Clinica Baviera SA -6.03
COL Inmobiliaria Colonial SA -6.03
MPC MPC Muenchmeyer Petersen Capital AG -6.03
ORC ORC Software AB -5.98
CTY City of London Investment Trust PLC-The -5.9
SOYB ETFS Soybeans -5.54
BRLA Blackrock Latin American Investment Trust PLC -5.29
JAM JPMorgan American Investment Trust PLC -5.29
MDF Duro Felguera SA -5.21
AUL Aurelian Oil & Gas PLC -5.16
BGFD Baillie Gifford Japan Trust PLC-The -5.16
BLNX Blinkx PLC -5.16
CAD Cadogan Petroleum PLC -5.16
DNE Dunedin Enterprise Investment Trust PLC -5.16
DPL Dominion Petroleum Ltd -5.16
FGT Finsbury Growth & Income Trust PLC -5.16
FSC F&C US Smaller Companies PLC -5.16
MCKS McKay Securities PLC -5.16
TIG Innovation Group PLC -5.16
AN Canal + -5.08
ATN Antena 3 de Television SA -5.08
CPL Cementos Portland Valderrivas SA -5.08
CRL Mersen -5.08
ECT Eurocastle Investment Ltd -5.08
FDR Fluidra SA -5.08
MVV1 MVV Energie AG -5.08
UTV UTV Media PLC -5.04
AVZ Grupo Ezentis SA -4.99
C001 ComStage ETF DAX TR -4.99
AZK Azkoyen SA -4.95
CEP Cia Espanola de Petroleos SA -4.95
CIE Cie Automotive SA -4.95
DIN Dinamia SA -4.95
ECR Ercros SA -4.95
ESC EDOB Abwicklungs AG -4.95
FRS Fersa Energias Renovables SA -4.95
ISH1 Intershop Communications AG -4.95
LAT Ste Industrielle d'Aviation Latecoere SA -4.95
LYY8 Lyxor ETF LevDAX -4.95
REN Renta Corp Real Estate SA -4.95
ROVI Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Rovi SA -4.95
SLG -4.95
TLI Teles AG -4.95
WE2 Kizoo AG -4.95
BSET British Assets Trust PLC -4.93
AVQ Avanquest Software -4.9
STE.A Stora Enso OYJ -4.86
ABD Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust PLC -4.85
HAWK Nighthawk Energy PLC -4.62
JPSS JPMorgan Fleming Japanese Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC -4.62
HGTS HgCapital Trust PLC -4.62
IPI Invesco Property Income Trust Limited -4.62
BHMU BH Macro Ltd -4.6
TMS Technicolor -4.54
PAS Banco Pastor SA -4.53
BMY Bloomsbury Publishing Plc -4.21
DCM Kofax PLC -4.21
JMC JPMorgan Chinese Investment Trust PLC -4.21
PVCS PV Crystalox Solar PLC -4.21
TRB Tribal Group Plc -4.21
GALN Galenica AG -4.2
AGAP ETFS Agriculture DJ-UBSCI -4.08
BNKR Bankers Investment Trust PLC-The -4.08
CTR Charles Taylor Consulting PLC -4.08
DIG Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust -4.08
FSTA Fuller Smith & Turner -4.08
GPRT Goldenport Holdings Inc -4.08
PCI Petroceltic International PLC -4.08
RUS Raven Russia Ltd -4.08
UNIQ Uniq PLC -4.08
POWR Powerflute OYJ -4.07
MAYG May Gurney Integrated Services PLC -4.05
SNG Singulus Technologies AG -4.03
MEDIQ Mediq NV -3.99
NTC Natraceutical SA -3.99
AQU Arques Industries AG -3.97
AIX Aixtron AG -3.9
STY Styles & Wood Group PLC -3.87
CFEB Compagnie d'Entreprises CFE -3.87
GUI Banco Guipuzcoano SA -3.87
DPLM Diploma Plc -3.8
MYI Murray International Trust PLC -3.75
IRET ING UK Real Estate Income Trust Ltd -3.67
RNVO Renovo Group PLC -3.59
RPT Regal Petroleum PLC -3.54
VIA Vivacon AG -3.49
BTEM British Empire Securities and General Trust PLC -3.45
CTT Cattles PLC -3.43
KZG KazakhGold Group Ltd -3.38
AIGI ETFS Industrial Metals DJ-UBSCISM -3.38
CRUD ETFS Crude Oil -3.38
IAPD IShares PLC - iShares DJ Asia-Pacific Select Dividend -3.37
PHTM Photo-Me International PLC -3.3
MEC Mecom Group PLC -3.29
JMO JPMorgan Overseas Investment Trust PLC -3.26
IKOR iShares MSCI Korea -3.13
ITKY iShares MSCI Turkey -3.13
EVG Evolution Group PLC -3.13
IBZL iShares MSCI Brazil -3.13
JEO Jupiter European Opportunities Trust PLC -3.13
OXIG Oxford Instruments PLC -3.13
IMS IMS-Intl Metal Service -3.05
CINE Cineworld Group PLC -3.05
HHI Henderson High Income Trust PLC -3.05
SBD Songbird Estates PLC -3.05
AGCP ETFS All Commodities DJ-AIGSM -3
CAL Capital & Regional PLC -3
GSDO Goldman Sachs Dynamic Opportunities Ltd -3
HPI Henderson TR Pacific Investment Trust PLC -3
IBCI iShares EURO Inflation Linked Bond -3
IDJV iShares DJ Euro STOXX Value -3
INRG iShares S&P Global Clean Energy -3
JMF JPMorgan Mid Cap Investment Trust PLC -3
LVD Lavendon Group Plc -3
WICH Wichford PLC -3
XPP XP Power Ltd -3


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