Basic materials stocks and technology stocks have been one of the leading stocks in this latest bull leg in the stock market. Below is a list of basic material stocks ranked based on their performance in the week ended October 15, 2010. In a next post, we will explain the fundamental reasons for technology stocks to have lead the market.

Symbol Company Change (Week)

GBR New Concept Energy, Inc. 29.23%
URG UR-Energy Inc. 27.55%
NOEC New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp 25.00%
GOK Geokinetics Inc. 24.17%
AMCF Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corporation 22.25%
SUF Sulphco Inc. 21.05%
SHZ China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. 20.69%
COIN Converted Organics Inc. 20.00%
KBX Kimber Resources Inc. 20.00%
HDY Hyperdynamics Corporation 18.69%
PUDA Puda Coal Inc. 18.65%
RTK Rentech, Inc. 17.48%
AVD American Vanguard Corp. 17.29%
WNR Western Refining Inc. 16.67%
SHI Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. 15.59%
PSTR PostRock Energy Corporation 13.82%
FTK Flotek Industries Inc. 13.73%
PTEN Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. 13.34%
HUSA Houston American Energy Corp. 13.14%
HAWK Seahawk Drilling, Inc. 13.08%
VHI Valhi, Inc. 12.64%
ANO Anooraq Resources Corporation 12.60%
BAS Basic Energy Services, Inc. 12.30%
FSI Flexible Solutions International Inc. 12.12%
MON Monsanto Co. 11.62%
TLR Timberline Resources Corp. 11.48%
UEC Uranium Energy Corp. 11.17%
SDTH Shengdatech, Inc. 11.11%
ATPG ATP Oil & Gas Corp. 10.87%
BAA Banro Corporation 10.62%
LUFK Lufkin Industries Inc. 10.61%
NOA North American Energy Partners Inc. 10.55%
APFC American Pacific Corp. 10.50%
SSRI Silver Standard Resources Inc. 10.37%
MHR Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. 10.28%
NEP China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited 10.16%
DEJ Dejour Enterprises, Ltd. 9.93%
WH WSP Holdings Ltd. 9.76%
TGB Taseko Mines Ltd. 9.74%
SYMX Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. 9.52%
CXZ Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. 9.52%
SVM Silvercorp Metals Inc. 9.33%
HOC Holly Corporation 9.30%
DNN Denison Mines Corp. 9.29%
NL NL Industries Inc. 9.15%
CKX CKX Lands Inc. 9.07%
CF CF Industries Holdings, Inc. 9.06%
CGV Compagnie G 9.05%
THM International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. 9.02%
SNP China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. 8.97%
GGC Georgia Gulf Corp. 8.93%
CDTI Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. 8.79%
LLEN L & L Energy, Inc. 8.78%
GGS Global Geophysical Services, Inc. 8.78%
REN Resolute Energy Corporation 8.68%
GFRE Gulf Resources, Inc. 8.62%
SCCO Southern Copper Corp. 8.41%
URZ Uranerz Energy Corp. 8.41%
SCEI Sino Clean Energy Inc 8.28%
PKD Parker Drilling Co. 8.09%
GPOR Gulfport Energy Corp. 7.98%
JAG Jaguar Mining Inc. 7.85%
WMB Williams Companies, Inc. 7.71%
ACH Aluminum Corporation Of China Limited 7.50%
GIFI Gulf Island Fabrication Inc. 7.38%
OXF Oxford Resource Partners, L.P. 7.37%
SYT Syngenta AG 7.36%
AGU Agrium Inc. 7.36%
KRA Kraton Performance Polymers Inc. 6.95%
EXK Endeavour Silver Corp. 6.81%
PVX Provident Energy Trust 6.79%
DO Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. 6.73%
TORM TOR Minerals International Inc. 6.62%
CPSL China Precision Steel, Inc. 6.62%
TNH Terra Nitrogen Company, L.P. 6.53%
TGA TransGlobe Energy Corp. 6.51%
RIG Transocean Ltd. 6.51%
CVI CVR Energy, Inc. 6.46%
UXG US Gold Corporation 6.45%
PAL North American Palladium Ltd. 6.28%
HWD Harry Winston Diamond Corporation 6.25%
YZC Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd. 6.23%
HERO Hercules Offshore, Inc. 6.20%
NRP Natural Resource Partners LP 6.15%
PENX Penford Corporation 6.12%
RTP Rio Tinto plc 6.11%
ATW Atwood Oceanics, Inc. 6.09%
ESV Ensco plc 6.00%
END Endeavour International Corporation 5.97%
GSX Gasco Energy Inc. 5.88%
BVN Compania de Minas Buenaventura SA 5.84%
RES RPC Inc. 5.84%
ECT Eca Marcellus Trust 1 5.77%
VRNM Verenium Corporation 5.77%
KEG Key Energy Services Inc. 5.77%
KOG Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. 5.74%
CRS Carpenter Technology Corp. 5.65%
SOQ Sonde Resources Corp. 5.61%
TESO Tesco Corporation 5.61%
MCP Molycorp, Inc. 5.57%
IPI Intrepid Potash, Inc. 5.56%
GBG Great Basin Gold Ltd. 5.56%
LDL Lydall Inc. 5.52%
MEA Metalico Inc. 5.50%
HP Helmerich & Payne Inc. 5.40%
WFT Weatherford International Ltd. 5.38%
URRE Uranium Resources, Inc. 5.26%
NGS Natural Gas Services Group Inc. 5.25%
EGY Vaalco Energy Inc. 5.24%
NE Noble Corp. 5.22%
SM SM Energy Company 5.19%
ALY Allis-Chalmers Energy, Inc. 5.18%
NBR Nabors Industries Ltd. 5.16%
MUSA Metals USA Holdings Corp. 5.16%
USEG US Energy Corp. 5.14%
ICO International Coal Group, Inc. 5.11%
NWPX Northwest Pipe Co. 5.10%
NSU Nevsun Resources Ltd. 5.04%
ZINC Horsehead Holding Corp. 5.00%
EXH Exterran Holdings, Inc. 4.84%
PAAS Pan American Silver Corp. 4.75%
CWEI Clayton Williams Energy Inc. 4.75%
NXY Nexen Inc. 4.69%
ATLS Atlas Energy, Inc. 4.67%
GMO General Moly, Inc. 4.63%
YONG Yongye International, Inc. 4.61%
HL Hecla Mining Co. 4.56%
OII Oceaneering International, Inc. 4.47%
GPRE Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. 4.37%
KWR Quaker Chemical Corporation 4.32%
BDCO Blue Dolphin Energy Company 4.28%
NOV National Oilwell Varco, Inc. 4.27%
MOS Mosaic Co. 4.24%
CQP Cheniere Energy Partners LP. 4.19%
GSS Golden Star Resources, Ltd. 4.17%
KGS Quicksilver Gas Services LP 4.16%
EC Ecopetrol SA 4.15%
VGZ Vista Gold Corp. 4.10%
REE Rare Element Resources Ltd. 4.08%
GLF Gulfmark Offshore, Inc. 4.03%
SLW Silver Wheaton Corp. 4.02%


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