One should first read the stock post quoted below, as this is follow up on it. In the list below there are stocks that cost short sellers between 10% and 20% to finance their positions. The stock brokers must be laughing to the banks.

"The carry cost for shorting the stock and securities in the stocks list below is currently above 20% annualized, and can even approach 100%. In the list of symbols below there are stocks that cost a relatively high finance charge to short. Stock brokers loan shares from brokerage account of a Customer A to the brokerage account of Customer B which is shorting the shares of the stock. The short seller may pay a high rate for shorting the shares, even after reducing any dividend income that may go the customer A (even there is dividend in the first place), the carry cost for customer B for shorting the shares can provide the stock brokers with a good amount of money without taking a price risk like customers do.

One question: do you think customer A gets anything in return for loaning his shares? Ask your broker, and you will be surprised by the answer.

This is part I. In next post we will give the list of stocks for which the rate is between 15% and 20%. Being a stock broker can be a good business!

MTR USD Mesa Royalty Trust
CEM USD ClearBridge Energy MLP Fund Inc
MVGRQ USD Movie Gallery Inc
VLNC USD Valence Technology Inc
IAF USD Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund Inc
CXM USD Cardium Therapeutics Inc
RPTP USD Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp
SIX USD Six Flags Entertainment Corp
CHNG USD China Natural Gas Inc
MILL USD Miller Petroleum Inc
SHLD USD Sears Holdings Corp
LTUM USD Lithium Corp
NOVS USD Novastar Financial Inc
BPT USD BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust
NIE USD Nicholas-Applegate Equity & Convertible Income Fund
BHK USD Blackrock Core Bond Trust
PFO USD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund
TIV USD Tri-Valley Corp
GGR USD GeoGlobal Resources Inc
PNBC USD Princeton National Bancorp Inc
JERT USD JER Investors Trust Inc
REE USD Rare Element Resources Ltd
SGF USD Singapore Fund Inc-The
NNVC USD NanoViricides Inc
EMIS USD Emisphere Technologies Inc
CHW USD Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
QNST USD QuinStreet Inc
EAD USD Evergreen Income Advantage Fund
GRNB USD Green Bankshares Inc
ONTY USD Oncothyreon Inc
FFEDQ USD FirstFed Financial Corp
HAUP USD Hauppauge Digital Inc
CTDC USD China Technology Development Group Corp
FMCKI USD Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp
GCH USD Greater China Fund Inc-The
JDD USD Nuveen Diversified Dividend and Income Fund
HIH USD Helios High Income Fund Inc
CIIC USD China Infrastructure Investment Corp
BBN USD BlackRock Build America Bond Trust
EQS USD Equus Total Return Inc
GAM USD General American Investors Co Inc
GGT USD Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust Inc
HAV USD Helios Advantage Income Fund Inc
JQC USD Nuveen Multi-Strategy Income and Growth Fund 2
PFED USD Park Bancorp Inc
PFN USD PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II
MMT USD MFS Multimarket Income Trust
IPAH USD Interpharm Holdings Inc
PRWT USD Premierwest Bancorp
VRNM USD Verenium Corp
UNIS USD Unilife Corp
FTLK USD Funtalk China Holdings Ltd
HSA USD Helios Strategic Income Fund Inc
CTNI USD Citron Inc
FTMDF USD Fortune Minerals Ltd
ETY USD Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund
DCS USD Claymore Dividend & Income Fund
CONN USD Conn's Inc
ICB USD Morgan Stanley Income Securities Inc
TIBB USD TIB Financial Corp
ACH USD Aluminum Corp of China Ltd
UTG USD Reaves Utility Income Fund
EVY USD Eaton Vance New York Municipal Income Trust
CFSG USD China Fire & Security Group Inc
WAMKQ USD Washington Mutual Inc
AONE USD A123 Systems Inc
MUI USD BlackRock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc
CKNWF USD Cell Kinetics Ltd
EGAS USD Gas Natural Inc
OPXA USD Opexa Therapeutics Inc
RNN USD Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc
VECO USD Veeco Instruments Inc
PCF USD Putnam High Income Securities Fund
LQMT USD Liquidmetal Technologies Inc
SSE USD Southern Connecticut Bancorp Inc
NXR USD Nuveen Select Tax Free 3
GUT USD Gabelli Utility Trust
SNSR USD Sanswire Corp
LPTH USD Lightpath Technologies Inc
FMO USD Fiduciary-Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund
ZOOM USD Zoom Technologies Inc
STEI USD Stewart Enterprises Inc
FAX USD Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund Inc
ATPG USD ATP Oil & Gas Corp-United States
CNAM USD China Armco Metals Inc
GSI USD General Steel Holdings Inc
TOWN USD TowneBank-Portsmouth VA
FOF USD Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund Inc
TRMAQ USD Trico Marine Services Inc-United States
ZANE USD Zanett Inc
NGSX USD NeurogesX Inc
RCON USD Recon Technology Ltd
CAEI USD China Architectural Engineering Inc
MTLQQ USD Motors Liquidation Co
PVR USD Penn Virginia Resource Partners LP
GFGFQ USD Guaranty Financial Group Inc
CGO USD Calamos Global Total Return Fund
RBS PRS USD Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC
AXN USD Aoxing Pharmaceutical Co Inc
FNSC USD First National Bancshares Inc-SC
BPURQ USD Biopure Corp
PFD USD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Inc
PARD USD Poniard Pharmaceuticals Inc
RAX USD Rackspace Hosting Inc
KFFB USD Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
MUE USD BlackRock MuniHoldings Insured Fund II Inc
BBX USD BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc
AMOK USD Amarok Resources Inc
CYCC USD Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
CUR USD Neuralstem Inc
ONP USD Orient Paper Inc
CFW USD Cano Petroleum Inc
TKOI USD Telkonet Inc
VLT USD Invesco Van Kampen High Income
FEED USD AgFeed Industries Inc
FRGB USD First Regional Bancorp-Los Angeles CA
MBR USD Mercantile Bancorp-IL
CIWT USD China Industrial Waste Management Inc
JZV USD Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates
PYG USD PreferredPlus TR-CCR1
GLU USD Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust
DDT USD Dillard's Capital Trust I
SOMX USD Somaxon Pharmaceuticals Inc
CFFN USD Capitol Federal Financial
KGJI USD Kingold Jewelry Inc
CAAS USD China Automotive Systems Inc
RZ USD Raser Technologies Inc
GCV USD Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities Fund Inc
FMFC USD First M&F Corp
DGLY USD Digital Ally Inc
MUH USD BlackRock MuniHoldings Fund II Inc
AQQ USD American Spectrum Realty Inc
WAVX USD Wave Systems Corp
CXDC USD China XD Plastics Co Ltd
FREED USD FreeSeas Inc
LJPC USD La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co
CADX USD Cadence Pharmaceuticals Inc
ABIO USD ARCA Biopharma Inc
WWPW USD Wind Works Power Corp
BDGE USD Bridge Bancorp Inc
CAFI USD Camco Financial Corp
ESCA USD Escalade Inc
IKL USD Bank of America Corp
IRR USD ING Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund
NBTF USD NB&T Financial Group Inc
JZL USD Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates
KTN USD CORTS Trust for Aon Capital
HZD USD CORTS Trust V for IBM Debentures
PCG PRD USD Pacific Gas & Electric Co
PL PRA USD PLC Capital Trust IV
PTSC USD Patriot Scientific Corp
SCE PRE USD Southern California Edison Co
BAYN USD Bay National Corp
CHNWF USD China Networks International Holdings Ltd
FBP PRE USD First BanCorp-Puerto Rico
FGC USD FPL Group Capital Inc
GSC USD GS Connect S&P GSCI Enhanced Commodity Total Return Strategy Index ETN
ILIU USD Interleukin Genetics Inc
KTH USD Corts Trust for PECO Energy Capital Trust III
LEHMN USD Opta Lehman Brothers Commodity Index Pure Beta Total Return ETN
PJR USD PreferredPlus TR-CCR1
RFO PRA USD Royce Focus Trust Inc
XKO USD Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates
NATUF USD North American Tungsten Corp
DPW USD Digital Power Corp-United States
ALF CL USD Alabama Power Co
BDR USD Blonder Tongue Laboratories
BEAC USD Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group Inc
CTIB USD CTI Industries Corp
CWBC USD Community West Bancshares
EVI USD EnviroStar Inc
FFHL USD Fuwei Films Holdings Co Ltd
GYB USD CABCO Trust for BellSouth Debentures
KBX USD Kimber Resources Inc
RCKGF USD Rockgate Capital Corp
SDO PRA USD San Diego Gas & Electric Co
SKRUF USD Scottish Re Group Ltd
WRSPQ USD WorldSpace Inc
PHK USD PIMCO High Income Fund
GLOW USD Glowpoint Inc
CNIT USD China Information Technology Inc
CBAK USD China BAK Battery Inc
TLF USD Tandy Leather Factory Inc
IDE USD ING Infrastructure Industrials and Materials Fund
FFBH USD First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas Inc
PBIP USD Prudential Bancorp Inc of Pennsylvania
PKJ USD PreferredPlus TR-CCR1
TFC USD Taiwan Greater China Fund
PUK PR USD Prudential PLC
SNDA USD Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd
DDF USD Delaware Investments Dividend & Income Fund Inc
BKYF USD Bank of Kentucky Financial Corp
BTFG USD BancTrust Financial Group Inc
WHX USD Whiting USA Trust I
AFLB USD A5 Laboratories Inc
VIA USD Viacom Inc
HCN PRD USD Health Care REIT Inc
BKS USD Barnes & Noble Inc
CIZN USD Citizens Holding Co
AFCB USD Athens Bancshares Corp
AKT USD Ambac Financial Group Inc
AKF USD Ambac Financial Group Inc
SYCRF USD Syncora Holdings Ltd
HEB USD Hemispherx Biopharma Inc
BPI USD Bridgepoint Education Inc
TRBR USD Trailer Bridge Inc
FSBK USD First South Bancorp Inc-Washington NC
LFL USD Lan Airlines SA
TAYC USD Taylor Capital Group Inc
CNBC USD Center Bancorp Inc
PWER USD Power-One Inc


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