Stock Market - The Top Cash-Rich Companies

Below is the list of companies with the highest cash. To obtain the cash per share of a stock has to divide the total number by the number of shares. The total cash is below but close to $500 billion.

$500 billion is roughly what 10 Million wage earners would earn for a salary of 50K per year. We would then not be surprised if the public were to ask something like : "how come the unemployment in the US is high then"? A CEO of public company would argue that the purpose of a company is to maximize the profit of the shareholder of its stock.

Apple Inc. AAPL $60 billion
Microsoft Corp. MSFT $41 billion
Cisco Systems Inc. CSCO $40 billion
Pfizer Inc. PFE $36 billion
Google Inc. GOOG $35 billion
General Electric Co. GE $30 billion
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $28 billion
General Motors Co. GM $27 billion
Intel Corp. INTC $24 billion
Oracle Corp. ORCL $24 billion
Ford Motor Co. F $22 billion
Amgen Inc. AMGN $17 billion
Boeing Co. BA $16 billion
Dell Inc. DELL $14 billion
Chevron Corp. CVX $14 billion
Merck & Co. Inc. MRK $14 billion
IBM IBM $12 billion
ConocoPhillips COP $12 billion
Coca-Cola Co. KO $11 billion
Bristol-Myers Squibb BMY $10 billion


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